A Near-Perfect Crime - Criminal investigation

Clue-hunting 3/4
Action 2/4
Logic 3/4

Last night at the Lock Academy, at 11pm, Sir Doyle, dean of the Lock Academy,  Professor Lock best friend’s, was murdered.

His corpse was found in his own office. Everyone in our school is deeply affected by this tragic death.

Professor Lock, beloved headmaster of our school, has put you in charge of solving the mysterious crime!

Are you a fan of Cluedo? This Escape Room is designed like a real-life one! Put yourself in the shoes of a detective and try to solve this case in less than one hour ! Everyone at the Lock Academy is counting on you.

2 to 6 players

Accessible to:

Pregnant women
People with hearing problems
Wheelchair users

A Near-Perfect Crime

Mystery at the Lock Academy Troyes - from 3 to 5 players