Little Miss Lock - The disappearance

Clue-hunting 3/4
Action 3/4
Logic 2/4

2016 & 2017 Trophy Winner for best plot (Escape Game Paris).

Students at the Lock Academy are on high alert… One of their classmates Cher Lock, daughter of the school’s headmaster, is reported missing. Professor Lock calls on your team for help to find his daughter.

You will investigate her room to find out what happened to the missing girl. Be cautious, she was working on a dangerous case, maybe it’s the reason why she mysteriously vanished ?

By piecing together the clues Cher Lock left in her room, you’ll find out that the whole Lock Academy may be in grave danger…

A mystery full of surprises !

2 to 5 players

Accessible to:

Pregnant women
People with hearing problems

Little Miss Lock

Mystery at the Lock Academy Troyes - from 3 to 5 players