Operation Mindfall - Undercover Mission
Treasure hunt in Troyes

Walking 3/4
Observation 2/4
Logic 3/4

Solve a mystery and save the world by helping special agents from W.I.S.E, the international branch of Lock Academy! This outdoor escape game will test your detective skills!

The planet is in danger! The MK Ultra virus was recreated by the criminal organisation Spider Tech, who have infected thousands of people around the world.
The virus lets Spider Tech take control of the brains of those infected. And there is only 1 hour 20 minutes before the virus is activated!


  • In a team of two to five players, investigate in the historic streets of Troyes. Two teams can also play against each other: to book a duel, book two consecutive game sessions and come to Lock Academy Troyes at the start time of the first session.
  • You will have 80 minutes to infiltrate Spider Tech, find the antidote and save the world
  • The historic centre of Troyes will be transformed into your Escape Room – investigate to solve the mystery in the beautiful streets of the ‘Champagne Cork’
  • Communicate, co-operate and use your logic to succeed!

You will be given a GPS tablet by a Lock Academy Troyes agent (bring a form of ID), as well as a detectives kit which, along with your smartphone will be key to completing the mission.

Ready to experience an immersive outdoor Escape experience in augmented reality?

2 to 50 players

Operation Mindfall

This mystery takes place entirely outside, in the historic centre of Troyes.